What to Expect

We treat the whole person.

What does treating the “whole person” really mean – and why is it important? 

Think of an avocado tree. If the avocadoes it produces show signs of disease, you can cut the bad parts out, or you can look deeper and try to figure out what is causing the problem. Maybe the tree needs more sun, more water, or more nourishment. Cutting out the diseased part of the avocado is a temporary solution, but the tree is still sick. You need to treat the whole tree.

Your body works the same way. It is an integrated system. When one part of your “system” is not functioning at its best, the rest of your body is involved as well. Your heart, brain, blood, muscles, joints – every part of your body — are all interconnected. It makes no sense to treat just one symptom without looking at the rest of your body.

At Arata Medical, you are not merely a symptom or a diagnosis.  We won’t just hand you a prescription and send you home.  We treat you as a complete, complex being, whose health is the product of your environment – diet, activity, brain health, emotional state, and rest – and we offer a wider array of solutions to address every aspect of your health.

We believe that truly listening to a patient creates an opportunity to see connections that may otherwise go unrecognized.  Each patient undergoes an initial evaluation with no predetermined time limit. 

From this, we develop a personalized plan tailored to your unique physiology and goals; this integrative approach may incorporate alternative and natural therapies as well as traditional clinical medicine.  As a physician, Dr.  Arata has an extensive knowledge of medicine, and understands that prescription medications may be needed.  If you are currently taking medications, we will work with you to incorporate them into your integrated care plan. 

We don’t just tell you what you need – we help you make it happen.  We teach you to balance every aspect of your life to find the right mix of nutrition, activity, stress management and rest.  In addition, we teach you how to incorporate them into your life with the time and resources you have available.

We are passionate about teaching you how to be your own advocate and enjoy dynamic, lifelong health.