Wellness and Prevention


Prevent Illness

Many of the most common and life-threatening illnesses – such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes – are preventable through medical lifestyle optimization. Diseases like these are the body’s response to poor nutrition, microbes in the gut, hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, inflammation brought on by toxins in our food and environment, stress and more. Instead of waiting until disease occurs and then treating it, we aim to prevent disease and maintain wellness. We help you achieve optimal health and stay well by evaluating your unique health profile, lifestyle and goals, and developing a personal, integrative care plan for lifelong health.

Live Longer

All of us experience changes in our health as we get older, and many have diseases such as heart disease or cancer that “run in the family.” While aging is inevitable, most of the illnesses that threaten to end our lives are not. By making medically supervised lifestyle adjustments now to improve health and strengthen immunity, we can help ward off many of the conditions that are commonly associated with aging. Nearly everyone has some degree of toxicity that, left untreated, can lead to any number of diseases that affect the brain, heart, gut, blood, joints – virtually any part of the body. Our goal is to help you identify potential causes of illness now, and make the right changes to live a long, healthy life.

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Repair and Regeneration

Sports, repetitive activity and simply aging can cause damage to muscles and joints over time. We have the clinical expertise to identify and evaluate damage or degeneration and develop targeted treatment plans. We develop individualized, medically supervised programs for each patient that may include rest, physical therapy, complementary therapies and non-surgical procedures to repair and restore healthy function.

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Increase Vitality

Fatigue, lethargy and low energy levels are symptoms of underlying problems that may include toxins, lack of quality sleep, poor nutrition, chemical imbalances and more. We can pinpoint the causes behind your lack of vitality, and guide you through integrated lifestyle changes to regain the energy and drive that you need for optimal physical performance and mental clarity from morning to night.

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Toxins are everywhere – in our food, water, and environment. Even stress and negative emotions such as anger and fear can create toxins that harm our physical health and brain function. No one is immune to toxicity, but we can take proactive steps to reduce or eliminate toxins in our bodies, prevent the inflammation and other problems they cause and restore optimal health. Our personalized detoxification programs identify and correct the factors that cause toxicity, including microbes, chemical imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and stress.

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Brain Optimization

Brain fog, memory loss, depression, obesity, chronic pain, fatigue –all of these can be signs that your brain isn’t functioning as well as it should be. Inflammation, chemical imbalances, hormones, toxins, and past injuries are just a handful of the factors that affect brain health, and when the brain is not well, the body often follows. Traditional medicine doesn’t treat symptoms such as moderate forgetfulness as seriously as chest pain or sudden weight loss, but brain symptoms can be equally important in significance. If you are otherwise healthy and find yourself grasping for words or forgetting dates or details, we can use specialized testing to help you determine what is going on and how to address it. Even Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed if detected early. Through medical lifestyle optimization, we focus on reducing inflammation, detoxification, and restoring chemical and electrical balance to the brain.