Services & Treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of medical lifestyle optimization treatments and services to help our patients address and resolve their medical issues and achieve lifelong health. As a board certified physician, Dr. Arata has the clinical expertise to combine conventional medical treatments with evidence-based complementary and integrative therapies to create personalized care plans that treat mind and body.



Food is medicine. Learning to incorporate foods that nourish and support both body and brain is just one half of the nutrition prescription; the other is identifying and avoiding foods that cause damage through inflammation, toxins, allergies and blood sugar spikes. Every patient is unique, and a diet that is right for one may be completely wrong for another. We begin with a thorough consultation, including specialized lab tests and extensive clinical assessments, and then recommend a course of treatment that eliminates harmful foods and replaces the essential ingredients the body needs to digest and absorb nutrients. We follow up with patients on an ongoing basis and adjust nutrition plans as needed.



Sleep is medicine. Numerous studies have associated lack of quality sleep with serious health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, as well as higher levels of inflammation in the blood. Sleep is when our bodies undergo major restorative functions such as cell regeneration, muscle growth, tissue repair and hormone release. During sleep, our brains process information learned during the day and form new memories. We treat sleep problems…



Chronic tendon pain is a common complaint. If rest, lifestyle changes and physical therapy do not resolve the pain, we offer a non-surgical procedure that gently removes your damaged tissue and stimulates regenerative healing. Using ultrasound imaging, we visualize and pinpoint the source of the tendon pain, numb the area, and remove only the damaged tissue using ultrasonic energy through a tiny incision. The procedure is virtually painless, requires no stitches, and takes only minutes. Most patients feel relief almost instantly, and return to full activity within six weeks.


Stem Cell Therapy

Thanks to recent developments in both medical research and technology, we now offer treatment with stem cell therapy from the patient’s own body fat for a broad range of degenerative diseases and chronic conditions, from joint/cartilage degeneration (arthritis) to autoimmune, neurological, and cardio/respiratory conditions. Dr. Arata is trained in the very latest stem cell therapies and is a member of the Cell Surgical Network.



Health begins in the brain, and memory loss, brain fog and mild cognitive problems can be symptoms of more serious issues. Through leading edge technology, we can measure, evaluate and manage how well your brain is functioning. This safe, painless and effective technology enables us to identify areas of the brain that are not functioning optimally, and develop a “training plan” to target those areas, slow any losses and improve brain function.


Hormonal Balancing

We restore hormonal balance to the body and brain through medically supervised hormone replacement therapy customized to your unique and changing needs. We use only bioidentical hormones that are chemically identical to the hormones your body produces naturally.


Metabolic Testing

How many calories do you really need? How well does your body process them? Your metabolism – the rate at which your body uses energy – plays a role in obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other conditions. Our in-office clinical testing evaluates your metabolic rate, determines your ideal caloric intake for optimal health, and identifies metabolic disorders. We then use these results to customize your treatment plan.


Stress Management

Learn to better recognize and manage stress through our clinical biofeedback training program. We will teach you how to use scientific tools to monitor your physical, mental and emotional health and help you make changes to achieve balance and improve your well-being. These tools have shown impressive results, including major improvements in ability to focus, better quality sleep, and significant decreases in fatigue, anxiety and depression.


If after you have looked at our website and you are interested in becoming a patient, please either (make online inquiry) or call the office and speak with the scheduling staff at 949-247-8877. We will go over with you all the necessary forms you will need to complete and at that time we will discuss pricing, financial considerations and answer any questions you may have.