denise baillie

Denise Baillie is a 46 year woman who has suffered from a variety of symptoms for over 30 years. One of her symptoms was a headache that never went away, ever. Years went by and despite test after test and multiple doctors she did not find relief from her symptoms. Six years ago she was given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, treatment of which did little for her symptoms.

Early in 2012 she heard a medical lecture on autonomic dysfunction and the description of the condition seemed to match. She eventually made it to see me (Dr. Michael Arata), was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction, and underwent the TVAM (Transvascular Autonomic Modulation) procedure. These videos, taken at our medical center during her treatment, and also done by the patient herself, before and after the treatment, vividly detail her experience.

Pre & Post-Op Video Taken at our medical center 4/30/2013-5/2/2013

Pre-Treatment Video April 19, 2013

5 Days Post Treatment

8 Days Post Treatment

Global News Edmonton Featured Story “CCSVI Update” May 22nd (21 days post treatment)

Denise’s own account of how her symptoms responded to treatment. Sent to Dr. Michael Arata on May 21st, 2013.

Symptoms That Improved After Treatment:

Fatigue: Gone

Headache Non-stop for over 30 years: Gone

Balance and weakness I couldn’t stand up for long (5 minutes max): Gone

Constant ringing in my ears: Greatly diminished

Heat intolerance and lousy temperature control: When I used to get cold, I couldn’t warm up without help: Resolved

Muscle twitches and cramping: Gone

Cloudy vision and ghost images: Gone

Extreme intermittent itchiness all over: Has not returned

Tingling sensations: Left hand and arm feel like I’m holding on to an electric fence: Gone

Occasional hypersensitivity to touch: Even clothing or just a blanket over me could be irritating: Gone

Arm mobility: Couldn’t reach above my head: Resolved

Difficulty dressing: Especially socks and pull-on shirts: Resolved

Bladder and bowel issues: Couldn’t feel my bladder sometimes and can’t empty it completely: Resolved

Bowels: Could go up to 6 days without a BM and the unthinkable has happened a few times: Resolved

Dizziness and Balance: Feeling like I’m standing on a rocking boat all the time: Gone

Foot drop and numbness: Mostly on the left: Gone

Joint aches and pains: Shoulders, hips, elbows and knees especially: Mostly gone (I think most remaining issues are due to lack of use)

Breathing issues: Frequently can’t seem to breathe deeply enough – to the point where my lips turn blue: Normalized

Breathing issues when sleeping:Sometimes ‘forget’ to breathe as I’m falling asleep (makes for a rude awakening): Gone

Cognitive and memory problems: Gone

Difficulty speaking and sometimes swallowing: Gone

Difficulty sleeping: Couldn’t stay asleep for more than a couple of hours at a time: Gone (now sleep straight through; fall asleep quickly and wake up by 7 or 7:30!

Mobility and coordination: Couldn’t do stairs or heel-toe walk: Resolved

Horrible spasticity: Especially when getting up from a chair (what I call bouncing or bopping): Gone

Mobility and Balance: Couldn’t stand on one foot or jump without falling: Resolved

Hand cramping: Hands curl closed and contort whenever I wasn’t using them: Resolved

Heart racing: Felt like a bird fluttering in my chest: Gone

Difficulty bending over to dress: Couldn’t bend over and lift my leg at the same time (to put on pants): Resolved

Cold feet: Resolved (day before treatment right foot was 94 F and left was 92 F; day after both were a normal 98 F

Mood: Moodiness and sometimes inappropriate emotional responses: Normalized

No ability to sense thirst: resolved

Symptoms I Didn’t Realize I Had That Improved:

Face swollen with fluid: Eyelids used to be so puffy they rested on my eyelashes; I thought it was just because I’ve gained so much weight from inactivity, but within a few days my face has lost so much retained fluid it looks like I lost 50 pounds!

High stress and anxiety: Before I would avoid crowds and parallel parking, now neither one bothers me anymore

Sensitivity in fingertips: I didn’t realize it is normal to be able to feel the ridges of your fingerprints, because I never remember being able to feel them before treatment

Abdominal discomfort and bloating: Probably went unnoticed because of other pains: Gone

Satiety: Inability to feel hunger or feel full normally: Gone

Nasal breathing: Inability to breathe through right nostril and sinuses constantly congested (I thought it was because of a deviated septum): Resolved

Symptoms That Didn’t Change

Hot/Cold sensitivity: Inability to feel heat and cold with left leg and lower left torso – no change; but I didn’t expect it to because it is from nerve damage from MS.

Overall Assessment

In short, there is ONLY ONE SYMPTOM that didn’t improve at least a little! Most results were immediate, but some have been getting better over the days since treatment. I am not taking for granted that these improvements will stay – I am going to a NUCCA Chiropractor, a Naturopathic doctor, a physiotherapist and joined a local health club (Goodlife) and also plan on taking yoga and getting massage. I am also altering my diet as per Dr. Arata’s instructions – well at least I’m working on it). I literally feel like someone just flicked a switch from ‘sick’ to ‘healthy’ because virtually ALL of my almost uncountable autonomic symptoms are gone!
 Thank you Dr. Arata for giving me my life back to an extent that is beyond my wildest dreams! This treatment works! If you have dysautonomia you have got to get this treatment!

UPDATE July 11, 2013

I saw my neurologist on June 18. He of course wouldn’t even discuss my CCSVI treatment with me and said not one word about it, but he DID say my secondary-progressive MS is now STABLE!! Secondary-progressive MS does NOT stabilize! What has stabilized is my dysautonomia – or rather it has now gone away! All of my improvements happened miraculously, dramatically, and most almost immediately after, or should I say during, my TVAM treatment! Thank you for this life-restoring treatment!