MUST WATCH “Sugar Coated” Documentary!

Good ol’ Netflix has a documentary that we should all watch about the sugar industry and the dangers of overindulging in this highly-addictive substance we, at Arata Medical, consider to be a recreational drug.

It talks about a new disease that was “invented” in and pretty much exclusive to the U.S of A…fatty-liver disease.  Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, there have been drawings of geese being force fed sugar water (still practiced today) to give them fatty liver disease, only it was not considered a disease, but created a delicious paté made from their livers.  Knowing darn well how bad sugar is to a body based on even ancient knowledge, the sugar industry still hires their own scientific “experts” to pretend that sugar isn’t bad for you (pretty much pulling pages out of the tobacco industry’s play book).

This documentary will show you all the creative ways the sugar industry labels sugar by another name to make the ingredient list look benign to the untrained eye.  “A treat by any other name will still give you fatty-liver disease”.

Knowledge is power….equip yourself!


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