Increasing Our Wellness Knowledge in Phoenix!

Always on the quest to acquire more knowledge, part of the Arata Medical team went on a FIELD TRIP to Phoenix to bring back the life-changing Metagenics First Line Therapy program for our patients!  We had a great time, eating healthy food, getting some Yoga in as well as learning all about a really great Lifestyle Medicine Program.

We learned about combining medical foods with lifestyle practices that join together as a powerful team to boost your efforts toward achieving your health goals.

We learned about the importance of Eating the Rainbow so as to get all those wonderful and diverse phytonutrients into our bodies.  Turns out, its also really fun and yummy!  No, Skittles do NOT count!

We learned how powerful and fascinating it is knowing your own body composition so we can map out the right plan for your body.  It’s a LOT more involved than knowing your weight and telling you to hit the gym.  We are super excited to have a very sophisticated body scanner in our office.  When we know how a person gains weight, where in the body the fat is stored, how hydrated your cells are (inside and outside of the cells), and so much more, we can be sure the right steps are being taken for the best results.  In this case, knowledge truly is power.

In the spirit of solidarity and to experience for ourselves, we have decided to do the body scans and Metagenix detox program as a team.  We will keep you updated on our progress and experience.


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